Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR)

CAPA Process Flowchart Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System

Automating the Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR) process with Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System (LQATS) effectively extends the corrective and preventive action (CAPA) compliance process to suppliers, streamlining all tasks related to corrective action process and reduces audit time, improves product quality and safety, and ensures regulatory compliance.
Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System (LQATS) supplier corrective action will ensure corrective action requests and other quality events are handled to completion while creating a permanent record of activity for each supplier. It leverages Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System LQATS configurable workflows that puts supplier corrective action request procedures into action, and ensures the process and its results are repeatable and measurable by tracking incidence of corrective actions and response time in a timely manner. Integrating supplier corrective action with supplier quality management framework enforces higher vendor standards.

A pre-configured forms helps in collecting and tracking data throughout the supplier corrective action process.
•    The process consists of a request phase, supplier collaboration and response, disposition and Supplier Review Group approval.
•    The request phase captures supplier and product information along with an issue description and expected response.
•    The supplier response can be entered either directly by supplier representative or personnel that interfaces with the supplier. 
•    It captures all the main elements of a CAPA process, including containment, root cause, corrective and preventive action, and verification of completion.
•    During the disposition phase, internal personnel can easily assess whether or not responses are sufficient. The supplier corrective action may be sent back for clarifications or to request additional responses. Internal verification tasks may be triggered, the audit schedule may be reviewed.
•    The Supplier Review Group has final approval responsibility for each supplier corrective action, ensuring appropriate accountability in the quality system.

Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR) - Supplier corrective action request, or SCAR is a formal request given to a supplier that they correct a problem and explain to exactly how they will do so. The problem may stem from a nonconformity related to the quality of its product. Client may also ask the supplier to discover the root cause, contain the problem, fix the issue, and identify further actions to prevent future issues. Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System LQATS creates permanent records around quality events, correction actions and supplier deviations. This ensures that an issue is handled to completion, it also creates a record of activity for each supplier.

●    Users will have a button “Send CAPA” in the Audit screen when it's on Edit Mode.
●    CAPA form will remain same/standardized for all areas.

CAPA Non Conformance Detail


Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) Supplier Corrective Action:


Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System LQATS will allow Client to maintain compliance by keeping quality systems continuously ready for inspections and audits, in a collaborative atmosphere with the suppliers.  Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System LQATS will automate all tasks pertaining to supplier corrective action, including routing, notification, follow-up, escalation and approval. Automation will help simplify the compliance environment, making it easier to stay compliant.  Central visibility and collaboration, along with automated due date driven workflows, alerts and escalations ensure that CAPAs will resolve in a timely fashion.
A central, web and mobile based repository for all documents related to supplier corrective actions simplifies search and retrieval during audits or inspections.
●    Once Send CAPA button has clicked, supplier will get an email with a link 

CAPA Supplier Email
●    If it’s a new supplier for this feature then we will send a temporary password to the supplier. 
●    Supplier must change the password if he is login with the temp password. 
●    Supplier will be able to see his/her CAPA data in the dashboard. 

CAPA Supplier Investigation
●    Suppliers will be able see “Warning Message” If CAPA details are due in 3 days.
●    Suppliers will get a reminder via email that CAPA details are past due. 
●    Supplier CAPA review group will be notified by email for past due CAPA. 
●    Once CAPA details are completed by a supplier, Supplier must sign the form and Press Submit button, he/she will not be able to update any data again.
CAPA Supplier Signature With Timestamp
●    Once review is done by Supplier Review Group, electronic signature (eSignature) will be posted and submitted, corrective action will be marked as complete. Supplier will be notified by the email. 
●    The supplier corrective action may be sent back for clarifications or to request additional responses.
●    Each action will be date and time stamped. 
●    Once Suppliers submit the CAPA back, users will be able to see the PDF file into the existing File Details screen. 
CAPA Approval

View Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) Status:


Incidence of corrective action response time are among the many metrics for supplier performance. The CQATS will allow Cintas to enforce higher vendor standards. Analytics capabilities are also vital to supplier CAPA management. CQATS will give users online access to analytics that allow them to dynamically view data that trend and filter all important CAPA information collected about suppliers.

Assigned Role Users will be able to see below “View CAPA Status” link the New Menu option.

Completed CAPA PDF Form

CAPA System Architecture LQATS – Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System - Manufacturers & Suppliers Quality Audit


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