Lyons QMS Audit Pro

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Product Information

Conduct efficient, streamlined audits & inspections on computer, phones and tablets.

  • Attach, annotate
    Photos directly from the device, simple annotation, time & geolocation stamps…
  • Visual guidance
    Make navigation easy: group related questions into sections, use color-coded response buttons.
  • Minimized errors
    Add text/image instructions for each question. Set default behaviors or make fields mandatory, to minimize user errors.

Leverage advanced formulas to deliver complex calculations and an automatic scoring that will be displayed in the reports.

Your own custom checklists

Start with one of our templates, or build your own checklists using a simple drag & drop interface. Or simply get us to do it for you!

  • Do it yourself…
    Visit the Admin Portal to build your own checklist, starting with a template or from scratch. It’s easier to do on your computer.
  • We can handle it for you - Simply email or upload your current checklist (any format, even image) and we will build it for you, at no cost and within a day or two! So you can try QMS Audit Pro ASAP.



Inspection Audit

  • Custom forms make your audits easy and fast.

  • Prevent mistakes by setting parameters.

  • Make pictures and add these to inspections, right from your phone

  • Have clients, suppliers and employees perform inspections for you.

  • Divide rights in your workplace and assign different rights to different colleagues.

  • Suited for professional auditors with special permissions for users who administrate multiple organizations.

  • Perform inspections with the Lyons QMS Audit Pro apps for IOS and Android and from computer via Website.

  • Easily audit and compare different areas or branches within the same organization.

  • Connect unique or edited lists to individual locations.

  • Never wait again: Audits are sent to the cloud the moment they are completed.

  • Determine results on every level with the interactive dashboard.

  • Generate and share reports as PDF, Excel or Word file through e-mail or intranet with the press of a button.


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