Lyons Information System Sets New Standard for Intelligent Suppliers Quality Audit Reporting and Operational Insights With Integration of Microsoft Power BI Embedded

Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System - Manufacturers & Suppliers Quality Audit Power BI Reporting

New York, New York, December 2, 2022 -  Lyons Information System the  Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System platform loved by - Manufacturers & Suppliers Quality Audit, today announced the integration of LQATS with Microsoft Power BI Embedded as part of its reporting solution. 

Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System LQATS, now with Power BI Embedded, empowers strategic planning, connected decision making and business agility with AI-powered insights at scale and guided business intelligence for all

Organizations are increasingly turning to embedded analytics to improve operational efficiency, strengthen revenue streams, and inform various business processes.

Lyons with Power BI Embedded enriches Lyons' Quality Audit Tracking System with advanced data analytics and AI-powered business insights embedded directly in LQATS reporting, powering business insights, extending planning and beyond. This makes it the only Quality Audit Tracking platform with out-of-the-box, user-guided business intelligence for all. Companies can easily leverage up-to-the-minute analytics, share actionable, AI-driven insights at scale, improve communication and collaboration with interactive data visualizations and dashboards, power confident, connected decision making, and empower strategic planning and business agility at every level of their organization—all within the LQATS they know and love. 

LQATS with Power BI Embedded ensures our customers have all the tools and capabilities they need to drive strategic business planning and better business outcomes. Not only can organizations leverage advanced data and analytics capabilities such as natural language querying, predictive modeling and decomposition trees to drive agile decision making, they can also benefit from the latest advances in Microsoft’s Power BI cloud and AI capabilities in an embedded, no-code solution with out-of-the-box functionality.    

For over two decades, Lyons Information System has collaborated with Microsoft to create the only native Microsoft, cloud-based Quality Audit platform to empower the strategic manufacturing and supply chain audit. LQATS automates key audit processes and connects operational audit data from across the business. This enables organizations to source meaningful insights through timely analysis and to drive agile planning decisions that deliver business value in the pursuit of sustained growth. LQATS with Power BI Embedded enhances LQATS reporting solution as the next evolution of  Lyons Information System' ongoing strategic collaboration with Microsoft, which continues to transform as businesses grow.

LQATS with Power BI Embedded leverages machine learning applied across end-to-end analytical workflows and an intuitive user experience to bring suppliers and manufacturing teams together with at-a-glance visuals of key KPIs. Businesses can future-proof their investment in advanced data analytics with free and instant access to the latest analytics and AI advancements in Microsoft Power BI. Plus, with the power of LQATS analytical dataset—which connects existing source systems for optimized data readiness—they can maximize Microsoft Power BI’s AI-powered insights and analysis with LQATS' best-in-class, multi-dimensional modeling and scenario analysis capabilities to power business-wide planning. 

Reporting, dashboards, integrated data and embedded BI with guided analytics are among the most sought-after capabilities today. For supply chain leaders, the ability to align teams around key goals and objectives, monitor performance against those goals and, ultimately, drive better decision making with democratized access to data is increasingly critical as they look to make sense of and navigate through quickly changing market conditions.   

LQATS with Power BI Embedded is a game changer. With its easy-to-use, best-in-class AI capabilities, supply chain teams will be able to create a collaborative data-driven culture that leverages instant, scalable insights to drive strategic planning and decision making at every level of organization. 

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