Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System LQATS implements Supplier Quality Audit Performance Award

New York, NY

October 22, 2021.

The Supplier Quality Audit Performance Award is exclusive to top-performing suppliers that have met or exceeded a rigorous quality audit involving  specific requirements, including zero product defects in Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System (LQATS). These prestigious supplier awards recognizes and commends exemplary supplier performance that has contributed to client's success.  
The Supplier Quality Audit Performance Awards recognizes suppliers involved in Supply Chain Management whose successes made a difference in helping to achieve positive bottom-line savings, increased performance results. 

All award categories require suppliers to consistently exceed quality audit expectations, delivering “best-in-class” performance. Suppliers must drive considerable and measurable value.
The spirit of this program is to commit to excellence in supplier management. Together, it is helping to raise the bar—not only within operations, but also within the industry as a whole. This prestigious award can be bestowed upon any supplier around the world and to be eligible for this award, a supplier must:
• Participate in client’s Supplier Management program
• Consistently meet or exceed all Service Level Agreements (SLAs), quality levels, deliverables and other performance expectations
• Have no significant noted performance issues in the prior 12 months.

Supplier Quality Audit Performance Awards

In today’s competitive climate, where protecting brand integrity requires exhaustive assessment of the entire supply chain, Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System has implemented a wide range of audits that ensure supplier quality and performance. Lyons Quality Suppliers Award has become  customers’ most valued services in mitigating risks and ensuring peace of mind.

Suppliers' Shipment audit is rated on delivery criteria including adherence to specifications, completeness of orders, condition of delivery, product integrity and overall performance. The data derived from these audits is subsequently provided to the suppliers, many of whom recognize the value of the information and use it to help improve their performance. Lyons Quality Suppliers Award system compiles results each year and recognizes exceptional performers with Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. Lyons Quality Suppliers Award program drives collaboration and continuous improvement between clients and its suppliers which leads to performance enhancements and product innovations. 

Eligibility award requires suppliers to undergo at least minimum numbers of audits as well as pass audits. Lyons Quality Suppliers Awards is significant element of comprehensive quality assurance strategy.  Lyons Supplier Quality  Audit System provides significant improvement by bringing suppliers' attention to the Observed Quality Level (OQL) that they have generated and tracking that down to improvement. Observed Quality Level OQL is the percentage of defects that are actually found during an inspection. In a standard AQL application the quality inspector thinks in terms of PASS/FAIL. OQL measures suppliers' ability to provide consistent high quality with the least amount of defects. Row data for the awards can be downloaded to Excel format to analyze performance matrix in detail. 

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