GPM – Global Performance Monitoring System

lisadmin on Wed, 06/07/2017 - 06:41

GPM provides a worldwide picture of your company’s health, accurately, quickly and in real-time on a single webpage. GPM allows easy viewing of your worldwide factories, suppliers, mills, distribution centers, or any other location where product quality is measured on a daily basis. The number of plant sites that may be viewed is unlimited. Customize your view. Choose which manufacturing or distribution plant sites to monitor and display. Each site is automatically displayed from LQATS as audit and inspection product information is entered over your worldwide enterprise. Plant sites may be grouped for easier analysis and viewing. Drill Down audit performance. Clicking on an icon representing one of your plant sites will display recent quality performance at the site. The graphical information may then be exported or printed. Detail your view. Select a group of sites to view performance summaries from the on page display. Select how often to poll the LQATS database for performance information.

One customer commented:
“There’s almost no need for reports any more!”


LQATS manages garment and fabric quality audit and inspection information across apparel manufacturers’ mills, manufacturing, and distribution centers located worldwide. The real-time, web-based system allows apparel manufacturers to view audit and inspection information prior to suppliers’ shipments, during the manufacturing process, and prior to shipment of finished goods. GPM adds the capability to identify real-time trouble spots easily and visually as they develop, to prevent costly manufacturing losses. GPM provides quick visual evaluation of an entire enterprise’s quality performance. It provides a worldwide picture of the apparel company’s product manufacturing quality health, accurately and quickly.

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