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Textile testing standards AATCC ASTM FTMS TAPPI MER CST encompass a wide range of techniques used to evaluate the properties, quality, and performance of textile material and products. These standards are essential for ensuring that textiles meet specific standards, regulations, or customer requirements.

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Textle Testing Methods

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AATCC stands for the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists. It's a global nonprofit organization that develops standards, guidelines, and methods related to the textile industry, particularly focusing on textile chemistry, coloration, and testing. AATCC standards cover a wide range of topics including dyeing, printing, color measurement, chemical analysis, and physical testing of textiles. These standards are widely used by textile professionals to ensure quality and consistency in textile products. 

AATCC 8  Crocking
AATCC 15  Perspiration
AATCC 16  Light
AATCC 22  Water Repellency
AATCC 20A  Fiber Composition
AATCC 42  Water Resistance
AATCC 61  Laundering, Accelerated
AATCC 79  Water Absorption
AATCC 79 M  Water Absorption Modified
AATCC 81  PH Value
AATCC 88B  Seam Pucker
AATCC 88C  Crease Retention
AATCC 107  Water
AATCC 124  General Appearance, Fabric
AATCC 128  Wrinkle Recovery
AATCC 130  Soil Release
AATCC 132  Dry Cleaning
AATCC 135 (1)  Colorfastness to Laundering, Domestic
AATCC 135 (2)  Dimensional Stability, Fabric
AATCC 143  General Appearance, Garment
AATCC 150  Dimensional Stability, Garment
AATCC 172  Bleach, Non-Chlorine
AATCC 188  Bleach, Chlorine


ASTM International, formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials, is a globally recognized standards organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services. These standards are used by manufacturers, regulatory agencies, consumers, and other stakeholders to ensure the quality, safety, and performance of various products and processes.

ASTM standards cover diverse industries including construction, manufacturing, materials, petroleum, environmental, and more. They provide specifications, test methods, guides, practices, and classifications for everything from metals and plastics to textiles, electronics, and medical devices.

The organization's standards development process involves input from experts representing industry, government, academia, and other relevant sectors. ASTM standards are often cited in regulations and contracts, serving as a benchmark for product quality and compliance.

ASTM 3330.1  90 Degree Peel Test
ASTM 3330.2  180 Degree Peel Test
ASTM D1059  Yarn Size
ASTM D1423  Yarn Twist
ASTM D1424  Tear Strength, Elmendorf
ASTM D1683.1  Seam Strength
ASTM D1683.2  Tensile Strength
ASTM D1683.3  Seam Strength
ASTM D1683.4  Seam Tensile Strength
ASTM D1922  Tear Resistance of Plastic Film/Thin Sheeting
ASTM D2261  Tear Strength Single Rip
ASTM D3512  Pilling Resistance
ASTM D3774  Fabric Width
ASTM D3775  Pick Counts
ASTM D3776  Fabric Weight
ASTM D3787  Bursting Strength
ASTM D3885  Flex Abrasion
ASTM D3887  Thread Count - Knit
ASTM D3939  Mace Snag
ASTM D4966  Abrasion Resistance
ASTM D4970  Martindale Pilling
ASTM D5034  Tensile Strength
ASTM D5034.1  Tensile Elongation
ASTM D5170  Peel Strength of Hook and Loop Touch Fastners
ASTM D6193 (1)  Seam Type
ASTM D6193 (2)  Stitch Count
ASTM D6988 (1)  Determination of Thickness of Plastic Film (mil)
ASTM D6988 (2)  Determination of Thickness of Plastic Film (micron)
ASTM E8-16a  Tensile Strength of Hangers


CST 14  Bandage Pad Length
CTS 1  Disposable Measurement Variance
CTS 10  Cleaning Residue of Lens/Safety Wipes
CTS 11  Fluid Weight Percentage
CTS 12  Volume % of Water Absorbed
CTS 13  Bandage Pad Width
CTS 15-a  Total Package Thickness
CTS 15-b  Total Bandage Thickness
CTS 15-c  Bandage Release Liner Thickness
CTS 15-d  Bandage Adhesive Strip Thickness
CTS 16  Mirror Wipe Lint Test
CTS 17  Determination of Thickness Hangers
CTS 18  Determination of Gauge Hangers
CTS 2  Disposable Width
CTS 3  Disposable Length
CTS 4  Paper Roll Length
CTS 5  Paper Roll Diameter
CTS 6  Paper Perforation Tensile Strength
CTS 7  Paper Brightness
CTS 8  Paper Dispenser Testing
CTS 9  Paper Whiteness


Federal Test Method Standards (FTMS): These are standards established by various federal agencies in the United States for testing materials and products. These standards are often used for procurement purposes by the federal government to ensure that purchased items meet certain quality and performance criteria.

FTMS 191A (1)  Vertical Flame - Warp
FTMS 191A (2)  Vertical Flame - Fill


MER I-7  Color Wash Down
MER III-1  Shrinkage


TAPPI stands for the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry. It's a global organization that provides technical information, networking opportunities, and educational resources to professionals in the pulp, paper, packaging, and related industries.

TAPPI develops and publishes standards, technical publications, and best practices related to various aspects of the pulp and paper manufacturing process, including raw material preparation, papermaking, paper properties testing, printing, packaging, and environmental management.


TAPPI T402  Bursting Strength of Paper
TAPPI T410  Grammage of Paper and Paperboard
TAPPI T432  Water Absorbency of Bibulous Paper
TAPPI T456  Wet Tensile of Paper
TAPPI T494a  Dry Tensile of Paper
TAPPI T494b  % Stretch at Maximum Force

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