Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System LQATS reporting enhances with new Supplier Business Review Report of Non-conformance Pareto Chart, OQL By Month Chart and Irregular Data Chart

Pareto Chart is one of the most common tool used in ensuing quality standard in the products. Pareto Chart would help in indicating the percentage of defects occurred over a period of few observations. This would help in estimating whether over a time period the defects are reducing or not. Pareto Analysis is a histogram with values plotted in descending order and presented with a line graph that tracks the cumulative total. Pareto charts are used by quality managers to monitor the frequency of different types of non-conformance events and their causes. Understanding the most common causes of defects allows quality managers to target their efforts appropriate towards reducing incidences of non-conforming product. The lengths of the bars in Pareto Analysis represent frequency of Non-conformance, and are arranged with longest bars on the left and the shortest to the right. In this way the chart visually depicts which situations are more significant. This cause analysis tool is considered one of the seven basic quality tools.

CQATS Supplier Business Review Report Pareto Chart

Supplier Business Review Report allows user to to pick Single or Multiple or All Locations, Single or Multiple or All suppliers, date range.
Output can be on HTML or EXCEL Download as well as email can be sent directly to supplier with output results. 


Supplier Business Review Report includes 
-Number of Audits
-Number of Passed
-Percentage of Passed 
-Number of Sampled
-Number of Non-Conformance
-OQL (Observed Quality Level)

CQATS Supplier Business Review OQL Report

Audit Details section of Supplier Business Review report includes
-Purchase Order Number
-Style/Item NBR
-Audit date
-Number of Sampled
-Number of Major defects
-Number of Minor defects
-Pass or Fail

CQATS Supplier Business Review Audit Details

Non-conformance section of Supplier Business Review report includes
-Type of Non-conformance 
-Major Non-conformance 
-Minor Non-conformance  

CQATS Supplier Business Review Non-Conformance Report

OQL By Month are line graphs for the displaying OQL for the past 12 months and comparing it against OQL Goal.

CQATS Supplier Business Review OQL By Month Graph

Irregular Data are line graphs for displaying Irregulars for Fabric, Manufacturing and Total for the past 12 months. 

CQATS Supplier Business Review Irregular Data Graph
LQATS Supplier Business Review Irregular Data Graph

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