LQATS Case Study

Lyons Information Systems, Inc.® installed LQATS at Cintas Manufacturing in July, 2003 in response to the need at Cintas to retrieve and evaluate quality performance across their worldwide enterprise. The valuable and popular solution has become a day-to-day work horse for the company.
........April 6, 2005

After many years of manual data collection and reporting, in 2004 Cintas’ Quality Assurance Department contracted the services of Lyons Information Systems, Inc.® to develop a web-based quality database that is accessible anywhere around the world. Like any IT department, there were many hurdles that had to be crossed in order to integrate a privately developed system into the company network. Lyons Information Systems, Inc.® met all the inter-company challenges presented before being awarded the contract and proceeded to develop what many within the organization now describe as a “tremendous tool”.

Now we have the capability of reporting audit findings from the manufacturing plants, contractor facilities or internal distribution centers in a matter of minutes. Prior to development of this system, audit data had to be captured on hand written forms, entered into Excel spreadsheets, sent to a designated person, and consolidated for distribution. This exercise usually required hours to complete.

We now have the ability to search the database for any number of predetermined options, including but not limited to date range, style number, purchase order number and / or auditor and retrieve the expected data in only minutes. Selected reports are also now available for analysis in a matter of minutes.

We developed the system to allow us to measure each supplier’s weekly, monthly and year to date performance. But another terrific advantage of the system is each supplier can log on with a unique username and password and can view their performance for any given time period as well. 

As other organizations within the company discover the benefits of CQATS, they too, are inquiring who developed the system and how can they incorporate it into their respective operations.

Many thanks go to Ed Lyons and the staff of Lyons Information Systems, Inc.® for being attentive to our needs and developing a tool that has revolutionized our efforts at measuring quality performance. The value of CQATS to my department and the division is immeasurable.

Reuben White
Director, Quality Assurance
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