LLMS - Lyons Laboratory Management System LIMS for Material, Textile & Apparel testing

The latest release of Lyons Laboratory Management System (LLMS) features major improvements to the mobile and web platforms that will help users increase productivity. Dealing with increasing volumes of data, laboratories can no longer feasibly manage experiments by gluing printed results into a paper notebook. With a Laboratory Information Management System, technicians can now link testing to specific samples, as well as easily share information with other lab members and organizations involved.
New features to LLMS includes.

  • Wash set up.
  • Load priority.
  • Clip boards.
  • Reports

Wash Test Setup.
●    User will able to create a new test setup or can modify existing setup as per user’s permission.
●    Only user with system administrator role will able to see “Delete” button.
●    Technician Name, lab  Number, Test Setup Formula number, Total Cycles fields will be auto populated form and user will not able to edit.
●    User will able to add Required Test Points. 
●    Max Tunnel will have 300 as a default value. 
●    Min Tunnel will have 270 as a default value.
●    Tunnel speed will have 106 seconds as a default value.
●    Add Chemical Manually, Percent Ballast and Type of Ballast will have predefined values and user can pick from those values.

Load Priority Form 
●    This is the form where user will able to adjust the Load priority. 
●    User will able to review the Wash Setup Detail.
●    User can navigate to Wash Setup Form by clicking the link.

Wash Test Report

●    User can run a report by giving range of LAB numbers.
●    User can filter report by giving Starting Date and Ending Date or can run a report for last 30 days, Last Week, Yesterday or Today.
●    Report can be filtered by Technician Name
●    User can  print or export to Excel.


Additional product training videos for 

  1. Create a new job
  2. Add Test Results
  3. Create Chart
  4. Create a New Report
  5. Dashboard & Search


Product Video
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