Four new GradeCard® modules are announced by Lyons Information Systems, Inc.

lisadmin on Wed, 07/16/2003 - 03:07

The new additions provide a customer with an ease of visibility of supplier performance and spending levels across their enterprise. The web-based modules offer point-and-click reporting that integrates and displays worldwide site information in a clear overview of company performance and spending dynamics.

GradeCard® is a fully comprehensive software system that measures supplier performance across product quality, delivery and service performance. The product works with virtually any installed legacy or ERP system. By measuring continuous supplier performance and elevating awareness among all parties, GradeCard® provides a platform for continuous process and cost improvement. As a result, previous “profit leaks” due to poor supplier performance are plugged and subsequent cost savings immediately improve cash flow and bottom line profits.

The GradeCard® product was originally developed and implemented in a Global 100 pharmaceutical organization, and delivered the means to improve supplier performance and profitability.

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