Concentration diagram report for Supplier's errors

Concentration diagram report for Supplier's errors 

Concentration diagram report for Supplier's errors could refer to a report analyzing the concentration or distribution of errors captured during supplier's audit in Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System (LQATS). Here's structure of report:

  1. Error Categories:

    1. List the different types or categories of errors that were identified.

  2. Graphical Representation:

    • Use visual elements to illustrate the distribution of errors across different categories.
    • Use color coding or other visual cues to highlight significant patterns or trends.
  3. Analysis:

    • Assess the impact of error concentration on overall quality.
  4. Root Cause Analysis:

    • Work with suppliers' to conduct a deeper analysis to identify the underlying causes of errors within the categories with the highest concentration.
  5. Recommendations:

    • Based on the analysis, Customer can work with suppliers to propose recommendations for reducing error concentration and improving overall reliability and performance.
    • Prioritize recommendations based on their potential impact and feasibility of implementation.
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