Lyons Information Systems Launches New Laboratory Management Software LLMS

lisadmin on Wed, 04/01/2009 - 10:58

Lyons Information Systems Launches New Laboratory Management Software.

Lyons Information Systems, a provider of enterprise quality software systems for the apparel industry, has added a laboratory management system to its suite of products. Lyons Laboratory Management System (LLMS) streamlines the garment and fabric laboratory testing process. It is a web-based system that is designed for quick yet comprehensive throughput of product testing in an apparel testing laboratory.

From a built-in library of standard test methods, technicians enter product test results from which pass/fail determinations are automatically performed and reported using a versatile and robust reporting engine. LLMS also provides entry of test results data from outsourced laboratories, remote job requests from customers, turn time reporting and extensive data analysis capabilities. In addition, users may easily view the distribution of work within the laboratory at critical points within the testing process.

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