How are your systems secured?

lisadmin on Tue, 06/06/2017 - 08:22

Users of our systems are not required to have individual database accounts. The system database is only accessed by the specific application being used. Each user has a unique account within the system which also dictates access to areas of the application, reports, etc. The management of user rights and privileges to access system information is governed by arbitrarily created user roles that are created and managed by system administrator(s) of the customer using one of our systems. Our hosted systems employ data encryption algorithms and secure socket layer (SSL) technology on our application web servers. Data is contained on separate servers away from the frontline application servers for improved security. We also support additional “layering” of security by using a customer data firewall for certification and authentication validation before accessing our hosted systems environment. Our hosted systems include data mirroring to a separate data center situated on a separate power grid and in different physical locations. See our Services Hosting Overview for more details.

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