Lyons Information Systems Breaks New Ground

lisadmin on Thu, 06/08/2017 - 06:01

GradeCard® is a fully comprehensive, enterprise software system that measures supplier performance across quality, delivery, and service levels, providing the tools for successful Supplier Performance Management. 


The product works with virtually any installed legacy or ERP system, using automated data collection and analysis techniques to build a comprehensive supplier performance measurement data base. With the addition of minimal delivery/quality/service information, GradeCard® provides powerful data analysis and numerous reports, using an intuitive, graphical user interface. 


By tracking, measuring, and evaluating supplier performance, GradeCard® enables cost reduction methods and becomes a mitigating force on profit leaks, caused by delivery and quality problems. GradeCard's® unique competitive advantage is that it is the only product in the industry that provides a comprehensive, objective, and quantitative report of supplier performance, along with an effective change-process, which is based on the results. 


The benefit is immediate improvement to cash flow and bottom line profits.


Companies no longer feel overwhelmed in dealing with analyzing large amounts of data, untimely reports, or resource constraints. GradeCard® ensures the timely integration of corporate information, consistency of performance measurement, and the tools needed to minimize negative suppler impact on corporate finances and operations. GradeCard® provides a proven solution to one of the most overlooked and widely ignored components of the Supply Chain Management process.

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